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Keeping himself busy in this journey of job hunting, Brett Balick has also appeared in the media many times. More specifically, he partook in a few exclusive interviews to discuss his life. In these interviews, he talked about his education, his achievements, and his short term goals. In addition, he expressed his views on the importance of academic achievement as well as how hobbies helped him maintain stress-free.

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Aside from the interviews that he appeared in, Brett S. Balick also expressed his opinions in a few article publications. On Patch and Prague Post, he provided readers insight into the world of drumming and snowboarding, two of his top hobbies. Furthermore, he discusses how drumming has always come natural to him and encourages others to try.

Brett Balick as seen in the Media

Brett Balick | Crunchbase

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Brett S. Balick is a graduate of Queens University. In addition, Brett earned his bachelor’s degree in b…

Hobbyjam Exclusive Interview | Brett Balick

Brett Balick is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a graduate of Queens University of Charlotte, earning his bachelor’s degree in business management. Brett is currently working in the supply chain management industry, shipping air freight globally. He is currently exploring his options for a new position within the industry.

Brett Balick | Inspirery Interview

With critical thinking and a focus on data-analytics, Brett Balick is well on his way to a career in Supply Chain Management. Brett seized an opportunity to work with a leading global logistics company while simultaneously combining his work and college careers to accomplish his long-term goals.