With a bachelor’s degree that he recently graduated with, Brett S. Balick still takes joy in creative writing. He believes that the ability to communicate fluently via writing is an important skill set to have when looking for his next career opportunity. As such, he partakes in some casual blogging when he is not drumming or job hunting. Doing so allows him to exercise his creativity and help keep the mind sharp. Brett has blogged about a wide range of topics ranging from drumming, academic success, and snowboarding. In addition, he also wrote a few pieces on managing stress as a student. Something that he’s certain many students can find useful.

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Power of Music and its Benefits to Relieving Stress – Brett Balick | Official Website

Listening to music is an easy way for all of us to escape the realities of our everyday lives. Putting on your favorite album or a new single you’ve been dying to listen to allows us to forget the stresses …

How Sports Can Help Discipline Young Minds – Brett Balick | Official Website

Most of us have our first experience with sports through our parents. We’re signed up to play Little League, organized soccer or dance classes and encouraged to try out for school teams by the grown-ups in our lives. Playing sports …

Maintaining Balance in Your College, Work and Personal Life – Brett Balick | Official Website

A Stressful Situation College or university can be difficult enough without having a part-time job. Unfortunately, the reality is that most students need to have a job to help pay for their post-secondary education. Between maintaining good grades, wanting to …