Maintaining Balance in Your College, Work and Personal Life

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A Stressful Situation

College or university can be difficult enough without having a part-time job. Unfortunately, the reality is that most students need to have a job to help pay for their post-secondary education. Between maintaining good grades, wanting to enjoy the college experience and being employed to pay for school, life can be stressful. A lack of work-life balance for college students can be extremely unhealthy. Getting no sleep, heightened anxiety and disorganization are all signs of a disheveled lifestyle. Former full-time Miami University student, Brett Samuel Balick, balanced several extracurricular activities on top of his busy school schedule.

There are several easy ways to help organize your life in order to actually enjoy your time in college according to Brett Balick. Here are five simple tips to balance work, school and a social life throughout your college career.

  • Time Management

An issue that seems to plague most college students is getting involved in too many extracurricular activities. On top of the schoolwork and part-time job that they already need to make time for, they’ve added sports and clubs to the list. Although it’s great to be involved in the school community, being able to say “no” is an important trait that you must learn. Don’t feel pressured to have to attend every social event held on campus.

  • Get A Good Night’s Sleep

It is a well-known fact that getting enough sleep each night can help improve your overall mood and lead you to be more productive throughout the day. This can help you complete that final assignment or get through a shift at work. Either way, a good night’s sleep can reduce stress levels and allow you to think more clearly when completing tasks.

  • Prioritize

Keeping track of your work schedule and when assignments are due is by far the easiest way to balance both work and school. Listing projects along with their due dates on a calendar will allow you to easily visualize and plan ahead which projects need to be completed first. Being able to cross off one assignment from a long list can also help you feel more relaxed at the end of the day.

  • Brett Samuel Balick Reminds You to Be Present

It’s crucial to be present in order to keep a balanced work-life. Although assignments and your job will keep you busy, when you’re spending time with friends and family, focus on them. Brett Samuel Balick knows that distance can be hard, as he attended college in Ohio while his family resided in North Carolina. When you actually get time to see the people you care about, you’re there to be present and spend quality time with them, even if you only have it for a short period. Unplug, leave any devices you may find distracting aside and live in the moment.  

The same can be said when completing schoolwork. Focusing fully on what you are studying for and always listening while in class are easy ways to be present.

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