Power of Music and its Benefits to Relieving Stress

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Listening to music is an easy way for all of us to escape the realities of our everyday lives. Putting on your favorite album or a new single you’ve been dying to listen to allows us to forget the stresses of daily life, even if just for a little while. This is why music has been known to be so effective in reducing stress. Music is easily the most powerful stress management tool in our everyday lives. Students, especially, have higher levels of stress and anxiety than the average person. The numerous assignments that need to be completed is a daunting task and will lead to restlessness if thought about too often. Full-time student, Brett Balick, often uses music as a way to leave stress behind him.

When people are stressed it is because of the events happening in their lives, mostly surrounding work or their social life. To some, listening to music can almost feel like a chore and choose to avoid it while being stressed. It seems almost like a waste of time instead of accomplishing the thing that’s been causing the stress to begin with. In actuality, music allows us to explore our own emotions through powerful pieces of work. It can take our minds off of the stressful situation we keep thinking about.

Who Can This Effect?

Music reduces stress and anxiety in hospital patients that listen to music on headphones after surgery. It can reduce depression in the elderly and relieve chronic pain and postoperative pain. Disabled and distressed children are drawn to music’s structure, as it encourages coordination, communication, and order in their lives. Adult cancer patients reported a reduction of emotional distress after going through music therapy. Creating music can improve your overall mood. The potential benefits of music and those that it positively affects are endless.

How to Incorporate More Music

It’s easy to incorporate more music into our everyday lives. Hooking your phone up to the car or having the radio on can make time flow by faster while sitting in traffic. Listening to music in the shower or while running errands are two ways to incorporate music into a busier lifestyle. Play music instead of watching television one or two nights of the week. Calming music before bedtime can promote relaxation, which will help induce sleep.

Brett Balick, also a regular snowboarder from Matthews, North Carolina, listens to music while shredding the slopes as it helps enhance his performance.

Brett Balick Outlines Other Positive Effects

Music can not only reduce stress but also has a ton of other psychological benefits that can lift your overall mood. Listening to certain types of music has been proven to improve your memory, manage pain, boost motivation and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Whether it’s listening to classical music in the morning or a pumped-up workout playlist while exercising, music gives us the power to complete mundane, everyday tasks in a super fun and positive way, while relieving stress.

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